Principal Investigator

eric pic
Eric Boyd



Research Professors

John pic
John Dore


dan pic
Dan Colman
High temperature ecosystems


Postdoctoral Scholars

Manjinder pic
Manjinder Kour
Focus: Computational and Synchrotron-Based Surface Chemistry of Iron Sulfur Minerals


Payne pic
Devon Payne
Focus: Iron Sulfur Cluster Biosynthesis in Methanogens


Alam pic
Md Gahinger Alam
Focus: Trace Metal Acquisition in Methanogens


Doctoral Students

maria pic
Maria Clara Fernandes-Martins
Focus: Co-evolution of thermoacidophiles and their acidic habitats


lisa pic
Lisa Keller
Focus: Tectonic influences on hot spring biodiversity


Ana pic
Ana Menchaca
Focus: Life in the subsurface of Yellowstone


Su pic
Su Cosar
Focus: Metal acquisition in anaerobic methanogens


Erica pic
Erica Antill
Focus: Life detection in Enceledus plume analog environments


Alexis pic
Alexis McDonnell
Focus: Microbial adaptations to cold, icy brines


Research Personnel


Honorary Field Assistants

blue pic
Focus: Peak Summiting and Ball Fetching

Current Position: Boyd Household

Ida pic
Focus: Tail Wagging and Swimming

Current Position: Boyd Household

Rio pic
Focus: Quantitative Analysis of the Yellowstone Snowpack

Current Position: Colman Household

Falco pic
Focus: Retrieval of Spherical Objects and Authentication of Game Trails

Current Position: Payne Household

Denver pic
Focus: Being Awesome

Current Position: Payne Household

Blue_2 pic
Blue Berrymore
Focus: Scent Analyses of Atmospheric Compounds

Current Position: Payne Household

Luna pic
Focus: Chief of Security of the Surrounding Environment

Current Position: Fernandes-Martins Household

Astro pic
Focus: Intergalatic Explorer in Training

Current Position: Fernandes-Martins Household

Pepper pic
Focus: Toy Durability Testing

Current Position: Keller Household


Rachel pic
Rachel Spietz (Research Professor)
Focus: Iron sulfur acquisition and trafficking in primitive Archaea

Current Position:
Research Scientist at Environmin, Inc. in Bozeman

Hannah pic
Hannah Mavis (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Methanogens and minerals

Current Position:
Undergraduate researcher in the Priscu Group at MSU

Japhanna pic
Japhanna Burns (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Nitrogen Fixation in Thermophiles

Current Position:
Intern at the University of Montana

Rudi pic
Rudi Lien (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Dolomite formation in hypersaline brines

Current Position:
Undergraduate student at Montana State University

Matt pic
Matt Selensky (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Thermal microbial ecology

Current Position:
Graduate Student at Northwestern University

evan pic
Evan Bilbrey (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Mineral-supported hydrogenotrophs

Current Position:
Research Intern at Flathead Lake Biological Station

rachel pic
Rachel Johnston (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Ecosystem dynamics of Great Salt Lake

Current Position:
Dogsled Guide at Turning Heads Kennel

anna pic
Anna Mounsey (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Microbial activities in serpentinized fluids

Current Position:
Undergraduate at Montana State University

Kirina pic
Kirina Amada (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Subglacial geochemical cycling

Current Position:

max pic
Maximiliano Amenabar (Ph.D., 2018)
Focus: Thermoacidophiles

Current Position: Senior research scientist at Biociencia Fundación Científica y Cultural, Chile

melody pic
Melody Lindsay (Ph.D., 2019)
Molecular Microbiology and Extreme Environments

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher at Bigelow Laboratories

saroj pic
Saroj Poudel (Ph.D., 2018)
Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher at Rutgers University

anderson pic
Erik Anderson (M.S., 2017)
Focus: Soil Microbial Communities

Current Position: USDA Forest Service

matt pic
Matthew Urschel (Ph.D., 2016)
Focus: Pathways of Carbon Metabolism in Hot Spring Populations and Communities

Current Position: Postdoc at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

jayme pic
Jayme Feyhl-Buska (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Acclimitization of Archaeal Membranes to Energy Stress

Current Position: PhD student at University of Southern California

matt pic
Zoë Harrold (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Focus: Pyrite Oxidation in Subglacial Ecosystems

Current Position: Postdoc at UNLV

drew pic
Drew Dyson (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Extremophile molecular biology

Current Position: Unknown

Jake pic
Jakob Sax (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Extremophile metabolisms

Current Position: Unknown

Kaitlin pic
Kaitlin Wilkins (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Hydrogen metabolizing thermophiles

Current Position: Unknown

Ticha pic
Ticha Padgett-Stewart (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Cultivation of subsurface organisms

Current Position: Unknown

ezgi pic
Ezgi Cetin (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Deep sea sediment microorganisms

Current Position: Unknown

Annette pic
Annette Harnish (Undergraduate Scholar)
Focus: Cultivation of novel thermophilic archaea

Current Position: Unknown